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Adam’s Landscaping, Inc., is where your dream landscape becomes a reality. Whether you are thinking about redesigning existing landscapes, have a new home in need of landscaping, or want to enhance your outdoor space, we bring decades of experience and a solid reputation for quality and client satisfaction to every job. Our passionate and knowledgeable crews are not only skilled but also friendly and informative, ensuring a seamless partnership with our

Northwest Indiana landscape contractors.

At the core of our mission is a commitment to superior service, resulting in punctual and cost-efficient projects. We stand by the belief that successful landscaping begins with transparency. Whether you envision a complete transformation of your landscape or aspire to create the garden of your dreams, we are here to listen and execute your vision. At Adam’s Landscaping, Inc., your happiness is our top priority. Reach out today, and let’s set out on an adventure to elevate your outdoor space to its full potential. Contact us now for a free estimate.

Turn Your Dream
into Reality



Our Landscape
Design Process

Your Journey Starts Here

Your Journey Starts Here

Start your journey with us by filling out the contact form. Share your vision, budget, and what you hope to achieve. Once we receive your details, we’ll take the time to analyze your proposal meticulously and return to you with customized steps forward tailored to your project.

Next, Our Team Will Visit Your Home

Next, We’ll Take a Look at Your Property

Should the project align well, we’ll arrange a site visit to explore your property together. During this visit, we’ll attentively listen
to your aspirations and ideas, making note of sunlight conditions, topography, wildlife presence, and
other important details.

Crafting the Blueprint

Crafting the Blueprint

Our creative minds will fashion a design meticulously tailored to your property, objectives, and way of life. The initial design
and proposal come as a complimentary service without any obligation on your part.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Sit back and relax as your blueprint transforms into reality. Our dedicated team of seasoned landscapers will artfully execute the construction of your envisioned landscape design with meticulous care.

Exploring Your New Outdoor Oasis

Exploring Your New Outdoor Oasis

We’ll walk through the project together to make sure every detail meets your standards. This is also the perfect time for us to share tips on maintaining your beautiful landscape and for you to ask any questions about watering and ongoing care.

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Landscape Design
& Installation

Why Adam’s
Landscaping Inc.?


Get a fast response from our
landscapers. We’re quick and
efficient, ensuring your
landscaping dreams are realized
promptly and expertly.

Dedication To

Our landscapers excel in
delivering top-notch quality.
With meticulous care and
talented craftsmanship, we create
enduring and gorgeous landscapes.


We give preference to plants
native to Northwest Indiana,
choosing those that are hardy,
water-efficient, and thrive in
our climate with little care.


We lay out every cost right from the
start so you know exactly what’s in
store for your landscaping adventure.
No surprises, just transparent,
easy to understand info.

Our Passion,
Your Vision

More than just enthusiasts for landscaping,
we’re deeply committed to making sure your
experience in transforming your landscape is
not just a project, but a deeply satisfying
adventure. This is our pledge to you.

Your Dedicated

A dedicated designer will
be given the exclusive task of breathing
life into your dream landscape, ensuring
that each detail reflects your unique
vision, from inception to completion.


We make certain that your project
isn’t merely a job but an imperative goal,
receiving our team’s complete
focus and expertise.

The Best For
Your Property

At Adam’s Landscaping, Inc., our skilled
team of landscaping professionals is
dedicated to the art of reimagining
outdoor environments. Their collective
years of experience and a shared passion
for landscape design drive them to
collaborate closely with you, attentively
bringing your outdoor aspirations into reality
down to the last detail.

Award Winning
Landscape Construction

Quality Assurance
  • Adam’s Landscaping ensures top-quality landscape materials in the Region.
  • Highest standards of workmanship, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Long Term Guarantee
  • Every hard-scape project is backed by a comprehensive 15-year warranty from the date of installation.
Custom Design Excellence
  • Tailored creations designed and constructed to your specifications, using the best
    materials for your satisfaction.


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