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Lawn Care & Landscaping Maintenance


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Crown Point, IN, bush trimming, mulching, ornamental stones, weeding, fertilizing, flower beds, gardening, cutting, trimming, clean-up
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Lawn Care


 Lawn Mowing


Weed Control


Landscape Care


Landscape maintenance is key to preserving the value of your property. A well maintained landscape will increase enjoyment of your property for you and your customers or visitors. Adam's Landscape & Lawn care's full service landscape maintenance can take care of any type of property. We offer landscape maintenance service to:










***   Custom Residential

***   Homeowner Associations

***   Commercial Buildings

***   City Parks and Municipalities

***   Indoor Landscaping Enhancements

***   City Beautification

***   Production Housing

***   Apartment Communities

***   Commercial Buildings

***   Public Works

Crown Point, IN, mulching, mulch beds, dyed mulch, hardwood mulch, mulch, installation, landscpe installation, mulch cleaning, rake mulch, brown mulch
Crown Poin, IN, Bush Trimming, hedge trimming, hedging, pruning, clipping, dead-heading, propagating, transplanting, clean-up
Crown Point, In, fall, clean-up, spring clean-up, leaf, blowing ,leaf raking,
Highland, IN, gutter, cleaning, leaf, cleaning, leaf maintenance, fall, clean-up, leaf blowing, leaf hauling


Bush Trimming


Spring/Fall Clean-ups


Gutter Cleaning


Adam's Landscaping and Lawncare Inc.

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Adam's Landscaping, home, address, Crown Point, In, 7001 w 108th ave.
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